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Cottams Dental PracticeCottams Dental Practice
3.3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
allan Kirumiraallan Kirumira

Today I had my tooth extracted by the dentist Shila Keshwara and the dental nurse , who was working along side her. Both are very polite and and welcoming. It was my first time to the practice and they listened to my views. They are professionally effecient, please just keep doing the good work you do; because you are good at it. Many thanks.

David DuellDavid Duell

My first visit to a dentist in living memory, so I was pretty nervous! However, the staff were really friendly and professional and I felt totally at ease. The practice was tidy and inviting. The appointment was relaxed and I got all the information I needed, with relevant treatment booked there and then. Can't recommend highly enough!

Mohammed MumtazMohammed Mumtaz

Dr Cottom was very welcome and went through any concerns my daughter had. She is very organised and easy to approach. She is organised and efficient.

Paul MelnickPaul Melnick

I'm 38 and thanks to good genetics and never postponing dentals I have quite healthy teeth. Had three tiny filling in my mouth, one of them came off just as my long time dentist went away for his yearly vacation. No pain, no inflammation, tooth was clean, you couldn't even tell where it came off of. At my dentist's advice, I seek to fix any little problem without delay and Cottam is near my house.
The Cottam dentist insisted I registered with them (?!), injected me with so much anaesthetic, and drilled out half my tooth! I was in pain immediately, got way worse through the night, was only able to eat properly the third day. Now the huge filling came off and every dentist I asked said the only way to go from here is to completely remove the tooth: Cottam dentist didn't leave enough to work with. I'm now looking at thousands pounds to extract & implant, instead of £100 filling. As a registered patient of Cottam I suppose it was expected I'd take this business to them. As if!

Ben HunterBen Hunter

Great service. Dentist is really nice and i was really happy with the treatment i received.