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Cottams Dental PracticeCottams Dental Practice
3.2 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Clare WhyleClare Whyle

I have been attending this dental practice for 35+ years and can not recommend them enough. Staff are very pleasant and welcoming. My son, for whom visiting the dentist has always been a challenge has more recently been receiving orthodontic treatment and the staff have been so patient and accomodating, making sure my son feels completely at ease. Five months ago his teeth were pretty awful and now he has a beautiful set of teeth. Thank you to you all for supporting my son on this journey, it hasn't been easy but you have made such a difference. His beautiful teeth mean he now smiles a real smile which lights up his eyes and face, and his self esteem and confidence have reached a new high. THANK YOU.

Maria NovaMaria Nova

Thank you so much for helping me during my dental emergency last week. Really professional and caring.

Luke BacciochiLuke Bacciochi

Very poor customer service. Was told a referral had been sent, contacted Dental hospital, no record of referral, then expected me to book back in, to spend more money, to get the same feedback which I already know. I will be using my money elsewhere

M AndersonM Anderson

Very good, they're strict on dental hygiene because it's necessary, would fully recommend

Michael SteadmanMichael Steadman

Terrible staff! Very rude reception admin team who do not take the time to discuss and go through your paperwork with you, only interested in getting your money out of you.

As I refused to sign a consent form stating what treatment the dentist had recommended, they kicked me off their patient list without telling me (apparently a letter was sent to me, but received nothing in the post) and still awaiting an phone call back from the dental practice manager, only been a month haha. Do yourself a favour and avoid this place. You'll be treated like scum.

Rebecca MorrisRebecca Morris

Was told they would complete the work required with no pain relief knowing I had a fear of the dentist,I had to attend another dentist due to them and they denied all knowledge.I also asked for a referral to another dentist that caters for people with a fear of the dentist and on numerous occasions that assured me the referral was sent but discovered this was a lie that ended in me going back to them in person to request the referral for myself !avoid this dental surgery

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Melanie BeetisonMelanie Beetison